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A thank you to all our volunteer subscribers and honorary publishers who have gone above and beyond to support the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Definitive Whim - Catching Up with Hayley Sumner of Berkshire HorseWorks

How Hayley Sumner of Berkshire HorseWorks left the fast-paced world of public relations and became an equine therapist in the Berkshires

Villages of the Berkshires - A National Grassroots Movement Arrives Locally

An interview with Shirley and Howard Shapiro about Villages of the Berkshires, part of a national grassroots movement to create interpersonal relationships and leverage community resources

A Socially-Distanced Holiday Season? Been There, Done That

Rabbi Seth Wax, the Jewish chaplain of Williams College, offers thoughts on gratitude, a core Jewish value that we are invited to experience in our daily lives

Tunisian Jews: Traders and Farmers and Warriors, Oh My!

Our Traveling With Jewish Taste columnist Carol Goodman Kaufman shares some of the 2,000-year - or maybe even 3,000-year -history of Tunisia's Jews, along with a recipe for Boulou, a tasty bread stuffed with raisins and sesame seeds