Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Why I Give: Wendy Robbins on Joining Federation's Legacy Circle

Community member Wendy Robbins on why she joined the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires' Legacy Circle

Rabbi Reflection: A Spiritual Fitness Challenge

Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch's Spiritual Fitness Challenge

Outsiders No Longer, Let Us Not Lose Sight of Our Shared Story as Jews

An excerpted version of Danna Azireli's address to the JFNA General Assembly in Tel Aviv in November 2018 on bridging the differences between Israeli and Diaspora Jews

Meditations on Family - Yevgeny Kutik's Latest Music and Memory Project

Violinist Yevgeny Kutik's new music and memory project "Meditations on Family"

The Story and the Stories

Scholar Reflection

By Louis D. Levine

Allow me to paraphrase the prophet Amos. I am not a rabbi, nor the son of a rabbi. And while Amos protested too much, for he was indeed one of Israel’s great prophets, I can stake my claim with no fear of contradiction. But I am greatly honored by th…